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Poverty Over

Can I suggest you all go have a look at the latest message from Christian Aid here? I’m so proud to work for these guys… will you join us in ending poverty?


Goodbye, Congo

Friday was my last day as a Christian Aid gapper… and I’m a little sad to see it come to an end.

It has been a whirlwind of a year, and feels like only yesterday I was sat on the roof of the office in London, starting to get to know some of these other gappers I’d be working alongside. I remember Adam with the pegs on his nose. I remember Anita wearing a flag as a cape. I remember Granda Gapper Robert’s enthusiasm.

Kinshasa roof

Then there was the DRC. Two weeks was nowhere near long enough, but what a glimpse we got of the country. A land of great contrast. Of potential. Generous people who welcomed us with open arms. Stunning scenery. Inspiring partners. And Congo wasn’t just about the partners… it was about the gappers. Sitting under the stars talking until late. The game show to end all game shows. Enjoying a beer over a game of Mafia.

Friendships to last a lifetime.

Gapper Love

Spent the last few days in the Peak District for the ‘end of gap year debrief’ with these wonderful people…

Christian Aid gappers 2008/2009

I’ll write more soon – when I’ve had a chance to unpack, emotionally as well as physically – but I wanted to just make mention of it now. I realised over the past few days that I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin as I have done when I’ve been around these guys over the past year. And it’s a beautiful feeling. To all my gapper buddies, thank you.

The Ben Hope Diaries

A few weeks ago, some of my adventurous colleagues set off on an expedition to summit Ben Hope… Here are their beautiful/comic Ben Hope Diaries!

Christian Aid Week

So Christian Aid Week draws to a close for another year… what a week it’s been! This was my first experience of CA week, and I’ve been so inspired by the dedication of our staff and supporters who make it all happen. Over the last week I’ve been involved in a variety of things, from giving talks & sermons in Cathedrals to producing short films in Cathedrals… one end of the scale to the other?! Certainly makes me proud to be involved with Christian Aid.

Christian Aid Week might be over, but the work continues. Find out how you can stay involved on our website.

Be Inspired!

Ten reasons to be inspired this Christian Aid Week…

  • Nearly £15 million is raised – a sixth of our income in just seven days…
  • 300,000 people care enough to go door-to-door in their community, raising over two-thirds of CAW’s amazing total
  • These 300,000 people, raising £10 million, make CAW the largest house-to-house collection, raising the most amount of money, in the UK and Ireland.
  • Many of these same people, and others, organise Quizaids, book sales, plant sales, sponsored walks and every conceivable fundraising event you can imagine.
  • Many of these people do this year after year, making Christian Aid Week the central focus on development for most local communities in the UK and Ireland every year for over 50 years.
  • Over 10 million households (around 41% of the total in the UK and Ireland) receive a red envelope bringing Christian Aid’s voice to their doormat, and over 1 million respond.
  • The media covers stories from the Hebrides to Hastings and Grimsby to Galway of people making a difference where they are so that others can build a future where they are.
  • 22,000 churches (half of the total number in England) work together to help poor communities, resulting in over 1 million Christians hearing about Christian Aid in their churches during May.
  • And many of these churches, as well as fundraising, campaign using prayer and action cards, and focus on justice issues in their Sunday worship.
  • Our partners and beneficiaries find inspiration in our supporters, as well as the other way round.
    ‘Do you mean to say that in Christian Aid Week, respectable church people go out onto the streets to beg on behalf of the world’s poor?’ [Comment from Santiago, Chile]
  • Find out how you can get involved at!

The Dinosaur Of Amazing Friendship

At the start of last September, I spent a few days in London getting to know the other new gappers I’d be working alongside. It’s funny the things you remember when you first meet people, the impression you get.

One of those gappers was Steph. Steph was soo cool… she was smart, she looked great, and she was funny. She was someone I thought seemed amazing, but was way too cool to ever be my friend.

Geek Summit

[She’ll probably also hate me for posting this picture… but I like it!]

Since then, I’ve been blown away as I’ve got to know Steph. She has the most amazing heart. She cares for people in a really beautiful way, giving us big hugs as well as making us laugh like crazy. And she knows films. She’s my go-to person for any kind of movie-related knowledge, and greatly added to the joy of Geek Summit a few months back.

When we were coming back from the DRC, Steph and I were laughing about those first recollections. And she drew me a picture to represent our friendship… in her own words,

“Us conquering the world in a celluloid dream aboard the dinosaur of amazing friendship!”

All this to say, Steph has started to blog! Stop by and give her a warm welcome!


"Ultimately, movement is only as valuable as your commitment to stillness, and vice versa."

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