Climate Change & St Paddys

First up, happy St Patricks Day!

It’s one of those days when EVERYONE is Irish… your grannys cat was Irish? Of course, you must be Irish too! This time last year I had just returned from the US, including a week and a bit in Chicago which goes all out & dyes its river green for St Pats…

I’m hopping on another train this afternoon to go to Coventry. Why? Good question. Christian Aid are partnering with a few other organisations to host a Climate Change Day of Action on Thursday in Coventry. It looks like a great day so far, with a service in Coventry Cathedral where we’ll hear from renowned NASA scientist James Hansen among others, followed by a protest in the streets of Coventry.


There’s still time to come along if you’d like to! Find out more here.


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  1. 1 Chris Long March 17, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    I give St Patrick’s day a two fingered salute…or at least the people who celebrate it rather than St Patrick himself.

    From him you can see a real bravery in Christian ministry and learn much about how Christian Mission must both interact with culture but still stay distinct. Good on yeh.

    I don’t have the time or the energy to queue up outside Waxy’s or Molly’s well aware that i’d spend all night having to fight my way too and from the bar while listening to some low quality pub-jug-music!I’m saving myself for Geek Pride day!

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