The Automatic

Went out to the QM union last night with some flatmates etc to see The Automatic play. Well now what a night! The Automatic were good (even though prior to that I only knew one song, Monster), but I’m inclined to say I actually liked the supporting band more! It was a Glaswegian band called Parka, who sound a bit like Franz Ferdinand, and have a sax player, which I love! Very energetic to watch… the lead singer/guitarist did a head over heels roll on stage, through the beer, while playing guitar… was interesting to say the least!

Got some pictures but they were just off my phone so they’re not great…

The Automatic


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  1. 1 Jamie McHale September 22, 2006 at 11:43 am

    Hey, glad you enjoyed the gig. Posted a few of my photos of the Automatic gig to:


    They were from my cameraphone, so also, not the best. There are other photos of Freshers’ Week up there too.

    Jamie 🙂

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