So today I had the privilage of being involved in what I guess was my first role as CU president (yea… i got made CU president for the year 05/06, how cool is that!). Helen and myself (last years president) had an interview with 2 guys from the Ballymena YouthBank to see if we could get some money for CU from them. We were actually pretty nervous before it, just not sure what to expect or whatever, but it went well I think… we just talked about stuff we hope to do, like girls night/guys night/band night…

Girls night…
We already had a trial run at this event… Just did lots of random girly things, like hair and make-up demos, facials, manicures, dance mats, chick flick… was class, we had about 80 people there, including people who wouldnt normally darken the doorways of Thursday CU meetings.

Guys night…
Actually ended up being an afternoon. The guys hired the Astroturf pitch and organised a football tournament, and awarded a trophy. Think we got about 50 guys along to that.

Band night…
This is kinda a development from our TNTs… having a band to lead us in praise, and then a speaker. To be honest, I’m kinda questioning the purpose of this event. It started off as for non-Christians, but we dont really get many along to it, so i’m thinking possibly make it more for Christians, as a chance to worship together, and really pray for our school and our friends.

So yea, the interview went pretty well, should find out within a few weeks if we get a grant… keep praying!

(Oh, thats Ballymena Academy Christian Union, for anyone who doesnt know me! Lol.)


"Ultimately, movement is only as valuable as your commitment to stillness, and vice versa."

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